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Baanchang Elephant Park

Our family has always had a very close relationship with elephants – man’s biggest friend on earth. For more than 30 years, we have cared for elephants at home or working in our fields. In the past, just as draught horses were used in the West, our elephants worked in the forests carrying timber.

We opened the Park for Tourism in 2004 so that we could keep our family’s domesticated elephants in a caring and stress-free environment and offer our visitors an extraordinary and very special experience. Today, our elephants show our visitors the lovely countryside surrounding the Park. Each elephant is a member of the family; they all have their own names, different personalities and we love them dearly.

Baan Chang Elephant Park is a unique, small Thai family-run eco-Park, not a chain or part of a large tourist organization. We are dedicated to providing our elephants with the highest quality-of-life possible. We will not tolerate practices such as elephant dancing and circus tricks, and we work hard to create public awareness and to help improve the care and wellbeing of Thailand’s elephants.

Our elephant Park is in Mae Taeng district, North village in Chiangmai Province about 50 minutes’ drive from the town of Chiangmai. Our land borders a beautiful Nature reserve and is located in a stunning, tumbling, wild fertile forest. As such, we are isolated from usual tourist areas, enabling our visitors to see rural Thailand in a safe, natural, and exclusive way.

We offer our visitors three customized programs as we want you to enjoy the best possible experience with these wonderful animals and learn more about them in a relaxed and absorbing way. We encourage our visitors to engage safely with our elephants and develop a relationship with these gentle giants. Give love and Care for our Elephants with NO RIDING activity. For more information, please visit our program page.

Although we are in a rural location, we know what our visitors need, and all services are provided to a very high standard. There are excellent shower and bathroom facilities, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and plenty of quiet spaces to sit and reflect. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout most of the site.

We provide complimentary transfer services for our guests who stay in Chiangmai city.


Animal welfare is at the heart of Baan Chang Elephant Park. We believe that education and the commitment to achieve the highest levels of care and husbandry are the best way to help save the Asian elephant.

The elephant must always come first and we select our mahouts (elephant handlers) very carefully. It is our mission to be a role model for education and high animal welfare standards “Elephant Conservation in Action”.