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Baanchang Elephant Park

Baanchang Elephant Park is dedicated to providing elephants with the highest quality-of-life possible.

We are AGAINST the practice of separating baby elephants from their mother. However, it is our policy to accept and provide care for orphaned baby elephants. Sadly, babies are often orphaned as the cruel result of commercial exploitation (such as a practice known as "elephant begging") and mistreatment. Fortunately, at present, all of the babies in our park have NOT been separated from their mother.

The location of our park was chosen to provide a natural habitat. We are also AGAINST the practice of elephant painting and the training of elephants to dance and to sit or stand on two legs. We consider these practices unnatural and abusive. Our goal is to teach visitors about the importance elephant preservation and proper eating, sleeping, bathing, and exercising methods. One method of providing exercise for our elephants and a learning experience for our visitors is to allow visitors, to a limited extent, to ride elephants "bareback." As you can imagine, caring for exploited and abused elephants is a continuous, difficult, and costly process.

To date, Baanchang Elephant Park has provided a home and a purpose for domesticated elephant with the generous support of visitors who take advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for an elephant Training. Because of our continued success, concerned people all over the world care about the future of Thailand’s elephants. It is our ongoing goal makes sure that future is a bright one.

We appreciate feedback from persons who have visited our park. Feedback allows us to educate persons who are seeking to learn about elephant care and respond to issues that are important to our visitors. We encourage visitors to spend as much time at the park as possible. This allows the visitor to see the complexities of caring for elephants and to learn acceptable methods of treatment. Constructive feedback also allows us to re-evaluate and improve our treatment methods. Improving the quality-of-life for elephants is a continuous and ongoing process.

We are a managed by private owner in all ways. All funds are from visitors : meaning we are funded exclusively by visitors and every cent we receive goes towards making our elephants lives as pleasant as possible and, of course, retiring and rescue new elephants.

Without YOU this just could not happen.

Thank you all so much.
POM (The Owner )

Activities Baanchang Elephant Park

Activities: Elephant feeding, herbal medication for elephant, daily activities for domestic elephant, daily health care,Dos and don’ts for elephant, elephant’s body languages and communications, how a trainer create relationship and respectfulness with his elephant, Bathing and brushing elephant, chain and unchain technique, spoken command for elephant, basic and advance riding skills, how to treat elephant to make them happy. A lot more of impressive elephant stories.