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A Few points to note before you visit us!!!!! t

  1. We adopt and rescue elephants from unsuitable living conditions such as circuses, and illegal logging camps.
  2. We provide a home and a purpose for domesticated elephants with the generous support of our visitors who avail a number of programs on offer especially our Elephant Mahout Training program.
  3. We love elephants, but safety of the elephants and our visitors is our priority. So, we keep elephants chained and use a bull hook. This is for safety only and are not being cruel to the elephant.
  4. We are AGAINST the practice of separating baby elephants from their mother.
  5. We are also AGAINST the practice of elephant painting and the training of elephants to dance and to sit or stand on two legs. We consider these practices unnatural and abusive.
  6. We teach visitors about the importance of elephant conservation and proper eating, sleeping, bathing, and exercising methods. One method of providing exercise for our elephants and a learning experience for our visitors is to allow visitors, to a limited extent, to ride elephants bareback.
  7. We provide upper scale of interaction with elephants in term of quality and flexibility in length of time for our guests.
These are facts about our Park. If you are uncomfortable with the elephants being chained or us using a bull hook for safety purpose, we would respect your decision to choose a different park.